From Start to Finish

Our process is proven, and it is tested. We make sure all the logistical work is taken care of for our customers.

There Is A ProcessWe are expert transporters.

You can rest assured in knowing your home will be set up correctly.


From start to finish we will discuss everything that needs to happen to make the transport and setup of your mobile home successful. Whether you are a mobile home park owner, a manufacturer, or someone purchasing a home, there are steps involved, and we want to make sure you are informed and the process is as smooth as possible.

House Inspection

Is the home actually fit to be moved? Is it a new home? Is this an older home that needs reinforcement? How big is the home? Certain sizes require different equipment. Let our experts help you determine that.


Your property needs to be accessible. Are there trees that need to be removed? Are there gates that are in the way? Is there anything else that would cause issues with delivery? We will survey the scene and let you know.

The Details MatterWe get the logistics done.


We tackle pulling the permits for the transport of your home. It is factored into our pricing.


Your home will need to have a dirt pad or foundation that it will need to be set up on. If not, there most definitely will be issues with the house settling and being unleveled in the future. Make sure it is done right the first time.


We break down the home and prepare it for transport. After we get it to location, we make sure that it is tied down, including the use of hurricane straps to insure that your home meets all the requirements needed for you to have insurance. We hook your plumbing as well as your septic up to the sources provided.


We Are Here To Help

We intend to be your go-to service provider for mobile home transport and setup needs. It doesn't matter whether it is individual or corporate.  We want to build lasting relationships you can depend on.

We're fully protected with the correct equipment.

Holder Transport & Setup LLC