Permits Be Pulled

Permit and Perc Test

A permit is needed for septic system installation. This is usually obtained through the county's building or health department. The county geologist runs a percolation test (commonly called a "perc test") to determine if the soil of the land will absorb water. Depending on the results of the test, the county may or may not issue a permit. If the county cannot issue a permit, then suggestions on alternative means of sewage disposal are usually available.

Size of Tank

As part of the permit process, the geologist will design the septic system. The size of the tank is usually determined by the number of bedrooms in the house and the number of occupants. The more bedrooms and occupants, the bigger the tank. A common size for three bedrooms is a 1,000-gallon tank; this is a minimum, however. Your local county may have different criteria.

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